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About our Organization

The Organization was founded in 1991 and all its members are Yudanshakai (black belts). Most of them are coaches (sensei), in various sport institutions (such as Martial Arts clubs, schools, community centers, etc.) in Israel.

All the members of the Organization are working on volunteering basis.

The CHAIRMAN is Master Mati Elyashiv [Rokudan(Dan-6)]. The PRESIDENT is Uzi Mandel [Sandan(Dan-3)].

In the USA we are part of the A.J.A. (American Ju-Jitsu Association), and the certificates of Promotion are given by Prof. George Kirby, Judan (10th Dan) the founder of BUDOSHIN JU-JITSU.
In the United Kingdom we are part of the A.M.A. (Amateur Martial Arts Association), or in the full name Amateur Jiu-Jitsu Association, Sports Council (C.C.P.R.) and the British Olympic Association. The Association also awards our members with certificates, approved by Prof. Colin Whitaker, Hachidan (8th Dan).

In Israel our Organization has about 2000 students in various clubs, schools, community-centers, etc.

The center of our Organization is located in Ramat-Gan, in "The Dojo"
, and is run by Master Mati Elyashiv.

All the seminars and courses in Israel are taking place in "The Dojo"
(Tel# 972-3-6764545, Fax# 972-3-6764546).

The Israeli team for the 1996 Sport Ju-Jitsu World Championship was:
Uzi Mandel Nitzan Ventura Harel Katz Eli Poplinger

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